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2005-02-01: "Stop spamming my weblog!"

Someone finally posts a reply to my blog, and it's a spammer! They posted the same 10 replies to every story linked from the front page, all gibberish about an online poker web site.

As a result I am closing all entries except this one. Comments posted will be moved to the appropriate entry.

I have blocked all IPs beginning with 38. The spam came from, 77, 88 and 89. but 38.*.*.* is Cogent Communications, so onto the block list they go until they get back to me about the abuse email I just sent.

It happened again last week, from a variety of IP addresses, and with some different content. I was clearing it all out and blocking the entire address ranges of the IP block owners, when suddenly I was booted out of Grey Matter due to being on the block list. Oops! Fortunately I could dial up to a different ISP and fix the block.

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