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2006-01-25: "World of Warcrack"

So I've decided to cultivate a World of Warcraft addiction, and so far it's going quite well.

I started playing at my brother's house between Christmas 2005 and new year, then took it up again a few weeks later when I went down to babysit my niece Catherine.

My main character is Hoofu, a tauren shaman on the European "Argent Dawn" roleplaying server. She is now up to level 27, and has joined The Voodoo, the guild that my friend Gordon is in with his character Thicko, a level 60 tauren warrior.

Now that I am back at work and no longer have broadband access I will have to rein in my playing time, but I still intend to play on dial-up, which is surprisingly playable. One of these days I'll get my own broadband, when I am at home a little more regularly.

Update: I've uploaded a character profile

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