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Wednesday, December 31st

Christmas is over

I have just spent a lovely week and a half with my family in Yorkshire at Mum and Dad's house. Simon was there with Zhao, Catherine, and her parents.
philip on 12.31.03 @ 01:20 PM BST [more..]

Sunday, December 14th

Catherine's christening

Catherine Niuniu Hibbs was christened at 11:30 am on Sunday December 14th at St. Mary's Church, Kilburn.
philip on 12.14.03 @ 06:14 PM BST [more..]

Tuesday, December 9th

Tungsten E Freeware & Resources

This is a great little device. I picked one up duty free on a business trip to Croatia for 145 in Dixons, which was even better than the Amazon price at the time.

I've had the Palm for about a month now. I think these devices have just hit the right price performance ratio to make them worthwhile. Previously they seemed overpriced for a gadget that's really just an electronic filofax - nice if you can afford it but actualy just a geek/fashion thing. Now they're turning into very capable little general purpose computing devices.
simon on 12.09.03 @ 01:14 PM BST [more..]

Monday, December 8th


Just had a week's holiday, and it's nearly Christmas
philip on 12.08.03 @ 04:36 PM BST [more..]

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