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2003-12-08: "Holidays"

Just had a week's holiday, and it's nearly Christmas

I had friends round for the first week-end - Chris, Kim, Gordon and John (Chipmunk).

On Saturday we went into Birmingham and had a look around the new Bull Ring. Chris hated every minute of it.

We played the Lord of the Rings board game (we all lost), and also I dug out my old Magic: The Gathering cards and had a couple of games.

I decided to pick up a copy of the new Magic basic set, which comes with a CD for the online version, and an online credit for all the cards in the box, so I tried it out, bought a couple of booster packs, and have played a few games now. It's a lot of fun, but I don't have a machine that's capable of running it, or a fast internet connection. I've left the password with John, and he's playing with my account. The account name is Mephistophilhibbs.

On Thursday, I went down to Worcester and met up with Annette Dorrell and Barry and Dapfne Jeffreys, who are ex-land(person)s of mine. Also did a little bit of shopping, but I'd forgotten how bleak Worcester is as a shopping place (but they've got a Lakeland now so that killed an hour).

Spent the week-end down at John's place in Leamington.

After this week I'm going up to Yorkshire for Catherine's christening (I'm her godfather), then back to work for a week, then I'm off for two weeks clear.

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